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Recovering from Heartache in the Workplace and the Church

Wounded Workers — When sick organizations abuse their workers, guidelines for honoring biblical principles and finding peaceful solutions.

How can Christian workers be empowered? How can they prevent their wounds from becoming their dwelling place and their woundedness from becoming their destiny?

Are you upset with a neurotic boss, an addictive organization or a spiritually abusive pastor? Are you struggling to behave in a Christian manner while working in a non-Christian organization? Are you frustrated, disappointed or angry that your place of work or worship is Christian in name only? This book will help you evaluate your situation, take control of your vulnerability and do the right thing.

What tools can you use to assess the organization and personal realities of the situation that has turned sour? What biblical truths can you hold on to while refusing to compromise your Christian commitment and convictions? What tactics should you consider before deciding whether to ride it out, run or fight for what is right?

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This book is also available in a Chinese Translation

Testimonials: Wounded Workers

For years  I have hoped that someone would write THE BOOK on this area of woundedness. Kirk Farnsworth has not only written the book, he has designed it in format that allows whole organizations and churches to learn and heal. This book is a must read.

— Cathie Cowie, CEO, Alston-Kline Human Resource Development


Wounded Workers will help you evaluated your organization to determine whether it’s using up its people. People are any organization’s greatest asset, and I believe that Wounded Workers provides the tools to better treat and use people to God’s glory.

–Dr. John C. Maxwell – Founder, INJOY Ministries


One of the great things I appreciate about the spirit of this book is that it is not a whining manual–it’s not a poor-me, and here’s how you escape the terrible things that have been done to you. And it is not an indictment against the Christian community or Christian organizations. Dr. Farnsworth has written from the perspective of a sound believer with a heart for people and all the skill that his career in counseling and management has brought him.

–Mike McIntosh, Senior Pastor, Grace Church


A much-needed book…a great book…marvelous advice…excellent information…profound.

–Char Binkely, General Manager, WBCL-FM