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Wholehearted Integration

Harmonizing Psychology and Christianity through Word and Deed

This book is a landmark in the integration of psychology and theology enterprise. It offers a critique of both psychological method and theological method and presents an innovative integration method that moves beyond a halfhearted intellectual approach to a wholehearted intellectual approach: both walk and talk.

Should theology be the guardian discipline for protecting the truth? While biblical data are seen as privileged over data generated by human subjects, it does not follow that facts derived from the study of the Bible (theology) are less prone to subjective error than facts derived from the study of people (psychology). Both sets of facts must be subjected to methodological critique. A human-science psychological method is proposed as more fitting for integration with theology than a natural-science psychological method. And an embodied integration method is favored over a purely conceptual integration method. The end result must be integrated living rather than just integrated thinking.

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Testimonials: Wholehearted Integration

Destined to be a landmark in the integration enterprise. It takes us a step beyond the contributions of the past and combines integrated thinking with integrated living in a manner that will deeply inform present as well as future generations of Christian psychologists.

–H. Newton Malony, Fuller Theological Seminary