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When The Bride is Attacked

Find Peace in the Midst of Spiritual Warfare

Wounded Churches — When Satan attacks, what every Christian must know about recognizing and responding to spiritual warfare.

How does Satan attack the church? What’s the connection between dysfunctional family histories and personal pathologies and spiritual warfare in the church?

People bring their personal baggage to conflict in the church that often makes them respond with unhealthy emotions and actions. Some take it further and twist the conflict to help them manage their own problems. This distorts both reality and relationships and opens doors for Satan to create inner turmoil–an interactive battle within the never fully converted unsanctified self. Satan now has footholds from which to manufacture, mobilize, magnify and multiply unhealthy conflict throughout the entire church.

What are the sights and sounds of spiritual warfare? Is there good evidence of people fighting their own demons and resulting satanic influence in unhealthy conflict in the church? How do you find peace and reaffirm your future and hope in Christ?

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This book is also available in a Russian Translation

Testimonials: When the Bride is Attacked

I cannot adequately express how much I like your book. I really like your psychological understanding and ability to make it accesible for the average reader. I am fascinated by your analysis of the spiritual dimension that is also such an important part of church conflict.

–Personal Communication

This is a very important book. It reveals the truth about emotional baggage becoming satanic strongholds. You highlighted the essential issues that I needed to address to overcome serious division within my own church.

–Personal Communication