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60 Ideas for Improving Your Church’s Ministry

Healthy Churches — Churches of any size can be healthy, but small churches have the advantage.

For small churches that feel inferior because of the emphasis on superchurches and superpastors, and for pastors who yearn to feel the heart of God beating within the church they serve, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Bigger is not better, and what works for big churches should not define the lifestyle for all churches.

Consider that the two most comprehensive studies on strong and healthy churches ever conducted show that small churches are remarkably superior to large churches in many of the most important areas. Small is enough. Small is enough for being in the presence of God. It is enough for seeing the power of God.

Small is enough for hearing the word of God. It is enough for seeing the work of God. Small is enough and it is the future. Multiplication of small churches is the church growth model for the future.

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This book is also available in a Russian Translation

Testimonials: All Churches Great and Small!

Great book! If any one wants to know if it works, reports are coming in regularly from several countries that indicate that when Christ’s church is operated His way the results are powerful.

–Dave Mann – Director, World Partners

Well documented, upbeat and challenging. This book is a good self-evaluation tool for churches of any size. Its message is relevant for each and every church: Avoid trying to duplicate what other churches are doing; capitalize on your individual assets.

–Jackie Riley – Baptists Today